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Hanbury Herald

The village magazine is edited and run by a group of volunteers. It is issued quarterly and is funded partly by advertisers and by the parish council who recognise the important role it plays in ensuring that everyone is informed about what is going on in our very geographically spread out parish. However far they live from the village centre, everyone knows of all forthcoming events and sees photographs and reports of recent events.

We aim to record everything that goes on in the many village groups but also to go beyond that and explore the history of the village, its families and way of life. We extend that to the history of the local area including its farming, industrial and religious heritage. We also have articles exploring the history of care and development of our current language. It is our good fortune to have the knowledge base and experience of research among our readers.

We also have a focus on outdoor life including excellent articles on gardening, walks, gardens to visit, a series on local wildlife and a regular slot on the joys of being a footpath warden. We are very proud of our photographs which are a beautiful record of everything happening in our busy little village.

The editor is Lizzie Evans who works with an enthusiastic small team who together write some of the articles, manage the finances and distribution, proofread and much more.

They are supported by a team of distributors who take the magazine to every dwelling in the parish. We are always looking for more help either as an active member of the committee or to contribute to the distribution of the magazine. If you come to live in Hanbury you will receive a copy of the magazine and the contact details for the editor should you wish to help. You would be most welcome.