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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall built in 1701 and home to the Vernon family for many generations was donated to the National Trust by Sir George Vernon in 1940. The National Trust took over full ownership in 1953 and since the 1980s it has opened its doors to hundreds of thousands of visitors. Last year the property welcomed over 200,000 visitors and the cornerstone of this welcome is down to an amazing team of volunteers who work at the property.

As a charity we rely on our volunteers to help operate the property at every level. With over 300 volunteers helping every department we cannot open without them. We have over 20 different roles available so there’s a volunteer role for everyone. From car parkers and a visitor reception and buggy team to garden, tea-room, retail and conservation volunteers not to mention a vital office and research team. Our education program is also led by volunteers and our events team make all our events days run smoothly and let’s not forget our fundraising volunteers.

Our team of volunteers increases every year and some of our volunteers have been with us for over 25 years with others starting new with the property this year. We have a diverse team from those looking for work experience and completing their Duke of Edinburgh awards to those who want to do something different with their weekends as well as retirees.

We are always developing new volunteer opportunities and this year we have extended the Hall’s opening and created two new roles of Host and Highlighter. We are always recruiting so if you would like to help us and become part of our volunteering team please contact the property or visit|page=0